Erik van der Weijde



Patinoires, 2006


Patinoires, 2006


Patinoires is a series of ice skating-lanes, where the Belgian Marc Dutroux used to go before he started to kidnap little girls. In this series, Van der Weijde touches upon something even more uncomfortable then past-historical wrong politics, which in this sense is much easier to leave as a shame of the past. In this case, the artist focuses not so much on the terrible action of an assassin, but more on the sick fascination that these acts stir the press' and public's blood lust. By going back to trace the life of the man - photographing the places where he used to go - Van der Weijde is simply mimicking and repeating a very popular, diffusive, journalistic attitude. Transforming these otherwise anonymous places and images into something to talk about.


Ink on Hahnemuele Photorag, 60 x 80 cm (plus frame)

©2014 Erik van der Weijde